This started as a 30-day retreat into art, writing and a quiet coastal location in the stillness of winter. Since then, I have grown outside of any “special treatment” time frame. What if I subscribe to the me-time mindset all the time? Would you judge me? Would you be jealous? Would you adopt it for yourself?

Don’t look at it as selfish. We can only give to others after we’ve taken good care of ourselves. Our inspired, energized, happy selves are the best we can bring to our relationships, our jobs, our place in the world.

In whatever you do, make room for me time and master your own artful living.

[The way it began in March 2015]

Some might say it’s a luxury to take 30 days off from your everyday routine. I call it a well-earned gift. I left home at 15 and never looked back. I set a goal and dutifully marched towards it. At first, out of survival and then out of sheer ambition to finally “get there.” Now crossing into my 40s, I realize there is no “there.” We never arrive. We can only keep moving. But in order to do that, we sometimes need to recharge. And even that takes energy. I’m trying to take everything in me that I normally give to what’s an acceptable structured life and funnel it into a well of quiet, creative, chaos. I don’t know if my personality will allow it, but I do know that this freedom to discover and rediscover is the place I need to visit often no matter where I’m going.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. It takes 45 days to break a habit; and, depending on how you look at it, 45 days to create a habit. I’m no expert but I feel like 30 days is a little too comfortable to be effective. And so is 30 miles. (to the city)
    I love the way you use the word “velvet” as a descriptor.

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  2. Thanks for your thoughts, Thomas, but you missed my point! Taking a breather is not about setting a definite goal to arrive someplace–develop a habit–at the end of it. We are always in process. More on how I feel about change: http://wp.me/p5P1QP-D

    Appreciate the comment.


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