A String Around My Finger

Someone reminded me today that I haven’t written in a while. Thank you, Reader, for the nudge. One of the wonderful things about a blog–aside from the therapeutic act of sounding out your thoughts into the Internet void–is it keeps a record of the past, sticking a bookmark in a moment in time you may want to return to for a little while.

I’m so grateful for having started “30 Days of Me Time” and working my way through some challenging thoughts that to this day serve me well. I spent a month sabbatical working through uncertainty, nothingness and gray space. And every now and then as life throws me for a loop, I remember. That was a time I wholly embraced to teach myself to let life unfold as it does. To learn that motion sometimes springs from stillness. And that no push or pull is too great when we learn to hold tight regardless of what’s happening around us.

2016 was a tough year. I went from planning a move to Colorado to joining a startup in Boston with this bursting enthusiasm for finally landing in a place I thought I belonged. Six months in, I realized I didn’t. And worse–it was the most grueling and unwelcoming experience in my career. I failed. I hit the pavement at top speed from a 12-story building–my spirits crushed to oblivion. Sounds awfully dramatic,  I know. But if I could put those feelings on paper–it would burn. Angry, unruly, contemptuous, uncontrolled…burn.

Flashforward to a brand new 2017. I’ve moving in yet another direction. One filled with nervous excitement and fear of uncertainty. But motion sprung from months of restless spinning in circles.




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