Normal is the new special.

It’s almost to the point where I feel guilty.

“Have a great time in Italy!” they squeal at me. As if I’m going on a cruise ship where confetti is tossed from the balconies upon boarding. “I’m so excited for you!!!”

I repeat unaffected, “It’s not a vacation.”

They look at me, confused. I let the silence extend itself to underscore my reply.

I put some thought to this. Why it bugs me to be misunderstood.

It’s a sore spot because I don’t intend my travels to be anything special. It is my regular, not my someday come true. Is it my lifestyle not my annual vacation. It is what I wish were more often the norm–for many others who say, “I’m so jealous.” It is possibility made possible. And this shouldn’t be so rare.

Wish me a good trip like you wish me a good day at work. Like you wish me a good run. Off the cuff, cavalier…as if just another day of countless many.

Because that’s the way it should be. Nothing special. Just another day in the life I choose to make mine.


2 thoughts on “Normal is the new special.

  1. You’re exploring a new world of doing things so differently it’s no wonder people hope you have a great time doing it and have a sense of jealousy. Maybe after you’ve been doing it for twenty years people will get it that you’re job’s just as humdrum as ours are. ;-)

    PS: Have a delicious time in Italy…..


    1. I have been traveling at whim for 20+ years…and just got the 52 page passport to sustain it :) I know people mean well. My point is–it’s not luck nor luxury, it’s a choice. Thanks for the comment!


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