“You have great taste in yourself.”

We look for patterns in life. We do it to make sense out of things. To predict. To reassure ourselves that what’s happened, is happening or will happen fits with who we are. Every big decision to every simple daily choice. It’s as if we spend our lives mapping ourselves, stitching patterns in time.

Case in point:

I’m in the midst of looking for a place to stay in Italy for the month of June. (Yes, I will be taking another month of me time. Me time should be all the the time, by the way.) I’m flying into Florence so I’ve been searching the Tuscany region. I want a view of the sea or a lake, but problem is, there aren’t many bodies of water in the hill top towns.

I’m looking for a place that exudes warmth and comfort. That’s not too modern, nor too chic. I’m seeking character–old world charm, authenticity and more of a countryside, nature location than a city center. I want to be in the shadow of the hidden gem, the nook that’s overlooked by the masses who travel by tour book.

I started to realize this is also how I scope out people, jobs, clothing, restaurants, etc. I zero in on what’s awesome (at least by my standards) but not obviously so. The quality that quietly captures me like a coy wink. Isn’t that how we all operate? Finding that unlabeled ingredient that speaks directly to our personal taste buds?

I wonder if we all live our lives through a personal filter. We must? We hold up a lens in front of our choices to check out how well they work for us. It’s also how the rest of the world returns the reflection. “That shirt is so you.” “This is the perfect job for you.” “That guy’s exactly your type.” How do your friends know these things? These choices that attach themselves to you by instinct–yours or those who know you? By design, perhaps.

We are designers of our lives. We select, we try on, we favor…only those things, people and places that fit us. And in this creative process, not only are we crafting, we’re curating and collecting. We build our personal brands to stuff our closets of life artifacts. Our labels sewn into the fabrics we weave and then wrap ourselves in–for style, for comfort, for all around fit. What if we choose our destinies the same way we choose our outfits? Like it or not, we’re all wearing the same thing every day.

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