Day 22: The biggest luxury of me-time? Nothing.

Go ahead, try it. Take a day to do nothing.

What does that even mean to you? Sleeping in? Vegging on the couch? Watching junk TV? Because doing nothing is widely interpretable. You ever ask a friend, “what did you do today?” And they answer, “Nothing much. Just went to the mall, walked around and took my dog to the park.” Or, “Nothing, I went too the grocery store, cleaned up, ran a few errands…” Doing nothing has this funny nuance of being a selection of random everyday chores or things we do that we’re not super excited about.

What's your idea of doing nothing?
What’s your idea of doing nothing?

Shouldn’t we be? The act of doing nothing in a supercharged, 24-7 “always on” world should be right up on the list next to your all-time favorite things to do on the weekend, vacation or your birthday. Newsflash. Nothing is the ultimate luxury. Make. It. Count.

My nothing of a day means eight hours of sleep. Having coffee by the window, watching the river flow and the newly arrived swans floating with it. Sitting in silence and doing this. Or sitting with opera or classical to fill my head space. It means going for a long run later–not squeezing it in. And taking time to stretch as long as I can. It’s a hot shower without having to get ready anytime soon. Or not planning on going anywhere, actually.

I have had this loose plan of reading, writing, running, painting and doing yoga every day this me-time month. But the last few days, truthfully, I’ve done a whole lot of nothing. Meaning if it didn’t fit my mood or motivation, I dropped it. Why not? I have the choice (read: the freedom) now. And that’s a status that could change on a dime.

When you have the running room, take it.

Time is truly the only luxury that we own. Life is filled with errands and chores and other people’s wants, needs and requests–even if we’re happy to oblige them. We can spend our time an infinite number of ways so when you have the option of doing nothing–I say, make it a self-indulgent, relaxing kind of nothing. The kind that you’ll brag about not mutter nonchalantly under your breath.

Screen shot 2015-03-24 at 4.02.11 PM“Oh nothing, I just went to the spa and and nibbled on wine and cheese after a 90 minute total body massage in a tropically heated solarium.”

We can decide to carpe the freakin’ diem out of a do-nothing day or waste it on something blasĂ©. Buck up. Nothing is your best friend, your secret lover, your lottery ticket cashed in.

Pick a day, any day, and schedule in nothing. In fact, make it a regular monthly or weekly occurence. Don’t ask for approval. Just block the time as private and make sure whatever you do is worthy of locker room or bar talk. Or, nothing (read: mum’s the word) at all.

That way when you go in all or nothing, it’s a win-win. (Insert wink here.)

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