Day 2: Turning down the volume

2015-03-02 13.33.01I had to go back home for a few hours today–an abrupt interruption to the me-time month I just kicked off. Driving out of the city tonight, I raced here, ironically hurrying to slow down my tempo.

Though I’ve always had a craving to live out in the country, no one close to me could imagine it’d fit with my traveler lifestyle. But I’m content in this quiet. It’s beautiful, calm and close to nature. I’m still just a short drive from city life, but already I can feel the difference.

I wonder how many days it’ll take me to completely shake off the urban buzz… Our lives are so frenetic in this connected culture. And as wonderful and convenient as that is, it’s now harder than ever to slow down, quiet your mind and enjoy a little silence. Nothingness is a luxury. Space feels stark. Stillness makes us stir crazy.

It’s an effort to clear head space. Especially when what often fills our thoughts are things we desire. I struggle with the conflict of needing both extremes–to be in the thick of what shapes the future and yet maintain the simplicity of the past. To leap ahead and simultaneously step back. Is this a struggle for everyone? Maybe. Is there a way to reconcile the dilemma? Can we not be fixated on what’s next and be focused on what is?

I write down these thoughts to the tick of an old-fashioned clock on the shelf. Wrapped up in the velvet night. Anxious to see the morning’s blank white canvas. Somehow I trust that the answers will eventually spring from the silence.


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